Love Keeps Winning

Pitt SkylineThis morning, I wasn’t particularly motivated to get to the office. Most of the work I have to do could easily be done from the comforts of my home, and since my boss is out of the office sick, I was tempted to just do that. I had to check my moral compass, so I called my sister. “Go to the office,” she said. “You’ll feel better and more accomplished if you do, and far less guilty the next time you do work from home or miss a day because you’re sick.” She was right, so I made my coffee, took my time, and made my way to campus.

Every morning I park in the garage attached to the central office, and walk the 10 minutes to the Cathedral of Learning, where my office is. On the way, walking the same path I take every weekday morning, I noticed a line of graffiti on a mail box “6/26/15 Love Just Won” I’d never noticed it before, though clearly the words have been there for over a year. I couldn’t think what that date was, what had happened then. I thought, maybe it was just a Pittsburgh memory, something local. Maybe it was just some guy on the street who was feeling a particular level of love that day, June 26, 2015.

I Googled when I got to my desk, trying to find some meaning of this date…but as soon as Google gave me the results, I was embarrassed I hadn’t remembered.

6/26/15 Breaking: Supreme Court declares right to same-sex marriage.

Love, had indeed just won. My cup of coffee had gotten cold, and my lunch was getting warm in my purse. I picked both up, and went into our little main office on our floor, where two of my colleagues sit and our little fridge has a home. I put my lunch in the fridge and then called over to see if one of my coworkers was there. She’d been out of the office last week, saying goodbye to her elderly father. We ended up having a really nice moment, hugging and checking in. When I asked how she was, she said that it was so nice to be here surrounded by loving and compassionate women – let’s be clear I work with men too, but I definitely feel a strong feminine energy here.

Mary-Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker on stage at the Carnegie Library 6/27/16

We sat down, and I told her about seeing Mary-Louise Parker speak at the Carnegie Library last week, and about her new book “Dear Mr. You.” Her book is a series of letters to men in her life that she feels gratitude towards, thanking them and acknowledging their impact. My coworker was touched, and gave me another hug – thanking me for the warm moment of compassion.

I guess if that’s the only reason I drove to Oakland today, that’s enough. I’m good at being independent, at working on my own and being productive. I’m not good at engaging others in-person, or seeking out those kinds of moments. I think today was a reminder to stretch from my comfort zone more often, to meet people where they are and to make those connections more deliberately.

If we live like this, then love wins every day, in the large transformative ways it did on June 26, 2015, and in the small ways it did for me on August 2, 2016. Love is all around us, looking for ways into our spirits. We need to look within to open windows it can come through, windows we can stretch and open and release to allow love to be within us.

I was going to write about my July goals, give you a recap of how I did and a trajectory for this month, but I think I’ll save that. More than anything, I want August to be about love. I want to avoid as many arguments at home, and create a new rhythm for our happiness and communication. I want to practice yoga and be deliberate with my time, as a way of showing self-love and love for those who share my time with me. I want to be intentional, attending community events and being present on this retreat to really immerse myself in this vibrant yogi circle I’ve found. I’m going to keep tracking my progress this month, with mostly the same objective – consistency and fullness of life.

Yesterday I read an image that said:

What do you love to do?

How do you spend your time?

Adjust accordingly.


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