June: Setting 3 Goals

House_2016.05.31To say that things have changed for me in the last month, would be the worlds greatest understatement. This month we moved to Pittsburgh from Atlanta, a change I was extremely excited for and one that has proven to be a great success.

We left an 800 sqft apartment in Buckhead and moved to a three-bedroom home in the North Hills of Pittsburgh that has been in my boyfriends family since it was built in the 60s. Our dogs have a yard to play in, and a house to call theirs.

I started a new job with the University of Pittsburgh after just 4 days in our new home, and I’ve spent the last 5 weeks meeting people, and beginning to understand the landscape of my new role.

When this many things change at once, there are aspects we’re prepared for and others we haven’t even thought of until their upon us. I was ready for a new commute, a new daily pace, but I wasn’t prepared to adjust to a new grocery store where everything is in a different place. I hadn’t thought about where I’d get my coffee in the morning, but was pleasantly surprised by the adorable drive-thru right outside our neighborhood. One month in and they already know my order! I’m sure there are other obstacles I haven’t even gotten to yet.

Needless to say, with all of this change I’m desperately looking for some balance in my day-to-day. As I ride so many different learning curves in my new life, I’m committed to bringing some intention and focus back to my personal wellness. To make this a reality, I’m using June as a goal setting time. I’m hoping with the support of my friends and family I can commit to the three goals below. If anyone would like to follow along with this journey, I’ll be posting a few times a week.

  1. Bend_2016.05.31Practice Yoga Everyday: I almost do this now. I’ve found an abundance of community yoga classes here in Pittsburgh and have loved meeting new people and exploring the city through these events. I also have a home studio in our new house, which makes a quiet workout and meditation so much more appealing. I’ve been using videos online, especially Yoga with Adriene‘s 30-day boot camp. If anyone has other suggestions for great at-home videos comment below.
  2. Write 750 Words Every Day: While I write every day, I don’t always use this incredible tool to track my progress and focus. If you’re a writer looking for motivation and a community to share with, I highly recommend it. I’m hoping by actually using this every day, I can prepare myself to create a kick-ass portfolio of work!
  3. Read 1 Book Per Week: I have a bad habit of letting a good book collect dust. I’ll read a page here, a chapter there, but somehow don’t make the progress I intend to. Meanwhile I waste hours on my phone, scrolling and playing games. Books are stacking up that I’m dying to read, so this month I’m going to read a book every week. This week, I’m finishing “The Little Paris Bookshop” – I’ll write a review when I’m finished!

I wonder what goals you’ve been meaning to set. Is there something you keep thinking you should do but avoided putting in writing?

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