30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 Prompt: Color Love
What’s your favorite color?

Write a love letter or a poem to your favorite color. The catch? Do the entire thing without ever naming the color itself in the piece.


To the most perfect hue that brightens each day,

Thank you for your rosy, lush goodness and your never wavering ability to bring me joy. You embody what it feels like to be feminine. Some people may say you’re too “girly” but I would have to disagree. Can one really be “too girly?” I don’t think it’s possible. No one would ever say they didn’t want to be “too manly,” because that would be ridiculous.

From your darkest shade to your lightest, you remind me of childhood and fill me with hope. I struggle when picking pens not to constantly reach for you. Because while you may be striking to me, you are not exactly the most office-friendly.

I was once told that your favorite color tells you what you think of yourself. I only hope that my image of myself grows to be more like my love for you, for I would love to think of myself as “rosy and beautiful,” and I would love to embody feminist power and hope.

tumblr_nhvvnpMT3e1s9rx9zo1_1280Aziz Ansari had this good bit recently, that I saw quoted on Facebook. Photo cred to someone else, not me!

So to my favorite color, thank you for helping make me a feminist.

Yours truly,

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