30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 10

Day 10 Prompt: Reflections
Read something (hint: just read one thing, don’t get lost in the internet spiral) and respond to it. We spend so much time consuming information without reacting fully to it.

Set a timer for 5 minutes. Search for an interesting read. Select the piece (quickly!). Read it.

And react, completely, to a piece you find on the internet.


FullSizeRender (3)
I keep this daily reminder of my time in Seth Godin’s altMBA class on my desk, so I never settle!

Every morning, I come to the office and the first thing I read is Seth Godin’s daily newsletter. They’re short, sometimes just a line or two, and usually give me something to think over while I enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

This morning, his piece was titled “Resilience” and his words made me think a lot about how resilient I am, or am not. For most of my life, I would have announced with certainty that I could overcome anything and move forward with ease, but I haven’t had the biggest hurdles to climb. My parents got divorced, but who’s didn’t? Even then, I moved on but it took time.

In another light, I try to take rejection as a growing opportunity, so maybe that’s a form of resilience. I want to know WHY I didn’t move forward in an application process, or WHAT the reader didn’t like about my work. I want to learn and better myself as much as I can, but that doesn’t mean my feelings aren’t hurt.

Seth writes, “Resilience is a skill, one that’s probably more valuable than most.”

If it’s a skill, that means I have an opportunity to learn it, or at least get better at it. If resilience is about our reactions to change and disappointment, then I’m not sure I’m actually very good at it. My reactions tend to come from my gut, which is one of the less rational parts of my body.

If I can learn resilience, perhaps I can open doors for myself that will lead to more learning and growth. If I can learn resilience, what other powerful skills are out there for me to learn? I’m not exactly an old dog, so I have no doubt I can learn a few new tricks.

For those of you pining for a little extra soul food in our day-to-day, here’s my plug to follow Seth’s daily blogs. He’s also written some kick-ass books that are worth your time. If that’s not enough, he even leads a month-long online course where all you get to do is write and read other students work in a collaborative team. I’ve done it and it was likely the best month of my adult life.

The world has a lot left to show me, and I look forward to seeing it all and learning as I go. I hope to embody resilience and grace in my daily life, and keep it in mind even when I am reacting incorrectly.

Thanks to everyone reading this, and for Seth Godin and Sarah Peck for inspiring me to come back to writing.

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