30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 Prompt: Street Talking
If your street could talk to you, what would it say?

Look around at the street you live on. Up and down, start to end. (Or block to block, if it’s a long street.) What does it see, witness, and experience every day? What are the rhythms of the street life? What construction or changes happen on this very street?


IMG_9790Alexander Cir. NE sees a lot in a days’ time. There are four large buildings of residences, two of which are rental properties with a lot of turnover. The top of the street faces the back garage entrance to the fanciest mall in Atlanta, Phipps Plaza. The fire department is just up there too. Sirens wail around the clock, keeping the city safe and dogs barking. The retirement community on the corner emits smells of gourmet meals so delicious I have contemplated asking about their rates.

Dog lovers own the streets in the mornings and the evenings. City dogs have to stretch their legs around our work hours, and Alexander Cir. NE is home to many pampered pets. Despite our mutual interests, the neighbors of Alexander Cir. NE keep to themselves. No one is particularly unfriendly, but polite conversation is certainly not expected.

The bottom of our street meets a dead end, but if you know your way you can cut through the woods and end up in the neighborhood behind us. Those streets are different, filled with houses and kids playing in their yards. Those streets reek of permanence and settled families, while Alexander Cir plays home to those who are somewhat transient and unsure. The exception to this would be the Park Regency. This complex is full of million dollar condos, luxury cars and wealthy people with pure bred dogs. They seem kinder than the others on our street, despite their lavishness. They seem more content, and less concerned.

My street is a transient street, and I am one of it’s interim residents. I’m waiting for the day I can leave there, but I know when I look back I will brag to others about how great it was to live in the heart of Buckhead and to walk to Starbucks anytime. In reality, we walk to Starbucks very rarely.

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