30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 Prompt: Objectify
Look around you, at your immediate surroundings. Pick an object. Personify (become) this object and write a story from the perspective of the object.

What is it thinking, feeling, and contemplating each day? What does it spend the day doing?


FullSizeRender (1)Good morning, Tuesday! I’ve been waiting all night with things to be done, reading and re-reading the notes I have scribbled all over me. I’m a basic to-do list, spiral bound at the top and numbered down the side. I have black ink on every line, and green highlighter where my tasks are complete.

Every Monday, Emily sits down and writes the date at the top of the page and then flips back and forth from last week, gathering tasks she didn’t complete. I think she’s lazy because there are always so many things to add on Monday mornings. Sometimes she just writes things down so she can scratch through them with that neon green and feel accomplished. I know it!

On Mondays, I start out clean and well-kept, but by Friday I am torn and tattered, and arrows cover my margins. Today is only Tuesday, which means we have a lot to do and my pages will be worn by the days’ end.

Sometimes, I wish I could slow her down. I wish I could tell her to prioritize her tasks better, to spend her time more strategically. Other times, I wish I could tell her to hurry up. Why are you just sitting over there at the lunch table? You have ten items on me that you have yet to address, and the phone is ringing off the hook!

I hope somewhere, though, she has another to-do list. One that has all her fun tasks, and all her personal time planned. If not, she seems rather lonely to me.

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