30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 Prompt: Top Ten
Think back about the last year. Write out a list of your top ten memories or highlights from the last year. What are the best standout memories? What do you cherish about last year? Why do these memories in particular stand out?

Bonus: thinking about this upcoming year, what will you have to do differently or new in order to make more memories like these?


IMG_1580Chronologically, this list would be:
1. Disney World
2. The Mountains!
3. Bonnaroo with Meg and Brandon
4. Tove Lo
5. Getting back to yoga
6. altMBA
7. Visiting Austin and going to BBCon
8. Reuniting with Holly
9. Getting Simba
10. Christmas in Dallas

1. Disney – This was my first trip to Disney World. My father took my sisters and I with my niece and nephews for nearly a whole week in Orlando. It was a little bit like revisiting childhood, even though I hadn’t been there before! It was especially fun to feel like a kid on vacation with Aaron.

2. The Mountains – Aaron and I splurged to rent a house in Tennessee and invited all of our closest friends from Elon to come spend a weekend play with us there. Ryan and Sami came from school, Natalie drove down from Kentucky. Lear flew in from LA, and Aaron and I drove up from Atlanta with him. It was too short, a whirlwind visit in the midst of all of our busy lives, but it was awesome. Our people.

3 & 4 go together I suppose. This was our second year at Bonnaroo, a four day music festival in Tennessee. This year, I convinced my dear friend Meg to bring her boyfriend and do Bonnaroo with us. We had a blast. From setting up our campsite in the blazing heat, to jumping down the enormous waterside after a day of fun, there wasn’t a boring moment. The highlight of the trip was night number 1. Tove Lo performed about 8:00, and our small crew was packed together in the crowd. Looking around me, I had everything I needed. My people were there, the best music I could imagine was ringing in my ears, and everything was good. It’s a moment of happiness from 2015 I will never forget.

5. Getting back to yoga – I don’t know where I’d be right now if I hadn’t given yoga another chance in 2015. It removes me from my daily stress and fills me with the desire and motivation to continue forward and to thrive. The physical benefits are obvious, and also greatly appreciated, but the mental benefits are what keeps me going.

6. altMBA – Those of you who are familiar with Seth Godin’s writing may already know about the altMBA. Chances are, if you know me, you already know about it anyways. This was a one month crash course in reconnecting with yourself, and 100 other strangers. I loved every moment of it, and wish I could replicate that kind of structured creativity in my day-to-day life.

7. Austin & BBCon – In November, I visited Austin to attend the Blackbaud Conference. Blackbaud is the database system I’ve been working with since I started working with the Foundation in 2014. This system makes me geek out, and spending a few days in an awesome city with thousands of other dorks who love this kind of stuff was pretty epic.

8. Holly – I hadn’t seen Holly in far too long, but when I was visiting Maine in November, we managed to meet for lunch and some bopping in the Old Port. She got to meet Aaron, which was a top priority for me, and we got to drink Allagash, which is always an added bonus.

9. Getting Simba – We are complete crazy people. At 23, most young couples are balancing their busy work lives with the challenges of being in a relationship. Aaron and I, however, have surpassed that and have moved into the care-taker phase of our relationship. Puppies are everywhere, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

10. Christmas in Dallas – In three days time I saw a sunny day of 75 degrees, a rainstorm that brought tornadoes, and then snow. I thought the world was ending, but it turned out to just be Christmas in Texas. We had a blast catching up with Aaron’s family and playing with the dogs in the back yard. It was 10 days of relaxing family time, which is harder to come by than most would think.

Bonus: This list has some pretty obvious themes. For a person who says things like “I hate people,” and “I’d rather be with my dogs,” there are a lot of other people in this list! I’m proud of that, and hoping to use that to propel myself forward in 2016 by planning gatherings and quality moments with the people that matter to me.

My word for 2016 is engage.

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