30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 5

This is now a 30 Day Challenge!

Day 5 Prompt: Adrenaline Rush

When was the last time you felt an adrenaline rush? What did you do? What did you feel? How did time change? What was the thing that prompted the adrenaline rush?


IMG_1555I’m not typically a thrill-seeking person. My blood starts pumping when I brew a cup of coffee, in anticipation of the warmth and deliciousness. I don’t know that it exactly prompts an adrenaline rush, though.

With that said, it was probably Christmas morning as we gathered around the tree that my adrenaline last kicked in. Without caffeine in my system, I shot out of bed like a child and scurried with the puppies downstairs. We were visiting Aaron’s parents for the holidays, and the tree had been full of presents all week long. The piles grew daily, but the tree looked the same on the morning of the 25th as it had on the night of the 24th. It didn’t matter…

“Santa came!” I rejoiced with the puppies as the tree came into sight. We paused, and played by the packages for just a moment before finishing our journey to the back door. Both dogs ran out and did laps in the yard.

It was before 7:00 am, but rather than heard the dogs upstairs again for a few more minutes in bed, I had told Aaron to come down and snuggle with us. The four of us waited in the living room for the festivities to begin!

It wasn’t long before his parents were awake, and the house began to feel IMG_1560even more cheerful. It would be a bit longer before his sister and her husband awoke and joined us, but we started with packages from my family, and brewed coffee and hot cocoa to enjoy.

There wasn’t just one gift that had my adrenaline going, there wasn’t just one moment, it was all of it. By 10:00 am I was beat, and ready to take a Christmas Day nap, or eat. I sat with Aaron and held up the green and red shirts I’d picked out for him, to see how to accented his eyes. “I love these on you,” I told him. I grabbed the necklace around my neck, a pendant I will cherish forever, and whispered, “Thank you.”

I felt so full of peace and cheer, it was practically my very own Hallmark Family Movie.

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