Thoughts From Your Chest

by Emily Louise

Last night I laid upon your chest, breathing in pace with you.
The tears tugged at my eyes
as I counted my blessings twice.

I was lost that day you walked in my door.
I was lost, and I wasn’t trying to be found.
A lot was lost that day you walked in my door, and I’m not sure what it had been for.

While once I awoke in terror that life was still upon me, I now awake with joy that life never gave up.
While once I spoke of terror of all that was around me, I see a new adventure that now lies before us.

Last night, you whispered forever.
But I knew it was surely a mistake when you drifted quickly off to sleep,
but when that morning sun arose,
you kissed and tugged until I peeked. You reeked of beer and weed and sex, but I smiled when you spoke.

“I’m a pig, and I love you,”
such a sweet way to start.
But now I knew that you meant it when again you whispered forever.

-May 2014-

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